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Welcome to the site made especially for CSI: Obsessors!  This site has everything, from pics to quotes, bios to fanfics... and don't be afraid to add more!  This site was made for you!  If you have ideas, stories, or even new pics, send them in!  There's always room for something new.

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About to premiere its 7th season, CSI: has become the most watched show on television, rated the top crime series drama ever.  Airing on CBS Thursday nights at 9 pm, this inspired series delves into the minds of the top crime scene investigators of Las Vegas, solving the mystery of who really catches the bad guys.  With each episode, there comes a new puzzle to solve, a new case to break, and a peek into the lives of our favorite characters, leaving fans breathless and itching for more.  On a mission to bring the science that saves lives to light, the writers never fail to bring a new element to the table, always reminding the audience that what one wants to believe may be the greatest hindrance to finding the truth.

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