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This is one of my favorite pages, because here is where the true CSI: obsessors get to display their creative genius! On this page, I will display fanfics written either by myself or by other loyal fans. There will also be links to favorite CSI: fanfic sites.  But here's the best part:  YOU GET TO CONTRIBUTE! So send me your stuff!  They can be stories, poems, songs, parodies of songs, or even links to your favorite fanfic sites! 
All I ask is that you rate your work... G for the beautiful fluffy stuff, PG for fluff with mild language, PG-13 for violence with moderate language, and R for adult situatons with violence and language.  Please note if your work contains erotica as a warning to fellow fans.

by Terri Gordon

Bible Thumper - PG-13

False Prophet - PG-13

Federal Involvement - PG-13

She's All Yours - PG

Stuck On You - PG

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